What the critics are saying: “My top favorite things are 1) Milton Berle impersonations 2) absurdist playwright Tom Stoppard and 3) Folly and Innovation. Wait did I say ‘favorite things’? I meant ‘absolute least favorite things’.” – Randall Yeoman

I came across these amazing images put out by the Denver Post and couldn’t help but add some captions to them.

“Jimmy, what is the wok doing in the lake?”

“I dunno.”

“If you didn’t like last night’s stir fry, you could have just told me to my face.”

These jerks better be pitching in for horse feed money or I’m going to flip my lid. I can’t be everyone’s chauffeur just because I’m the only one with a stagecoach.

You know, when they sell you on moving out to the frontier, nobody ever mentions that fact that it literally rains wood. That is a thing I would have liked know before hand. It would have figured prominently on my wild west Pro/Con list.

 ”We’re all having good fun here, aren’t we?”

“Absolutely, I am observing the fun.”

“And I as well. The fun, it’s palpable.”

“Quite right, I’ve been palping it for the last minute or so.”

“Certainly, let’s continue for a spell, okay lads?”

“Yes, let’s for another minute or two at minimum.”

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  1. Drew

    No mention of the deer in the last pic? Lost opportunity! ;)

  2. bill

    Last picture: It was then that the realization slowly dawned on the Barbecuing Committee: Apparently, the object of the festivities must already be dead.

  3. Tom

    @Drew Deer! Do you know I didn’t even see them? I was too focused on how seemingly staged the picture was. What’s amazing is that no one seems even the slightest bit perturbed that the deer are hanging out in camp.

    @Bill I only hope they figured out that it takes more than guitars and banjos to feed your loved ones before it was too late.

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