What the critics are saying: “I put one of the comics into my clogged toilet and it not only cleared out the blockage, it turned the entire toilet into solid gold!” – Patricia Ketchup

Pretty sure this is how it went

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  1. GOD

    I seriously don’t know why all your comics aren’t flooded with comments. This is one of my top 5 webcomics, I absolutely LOVE your humor, and the jokes are extremely relatable. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Andrew

    God @God
    @Adam #YOLO
    Retweeted by MichelangelodiLBS

  3. Tom

    @GOD Thanks! It’s good to know I am one of your top 5 webcomics. Especially if you are in fact an all powerful being capable of literally anything.

  4. Matt

    I have to say, I’ve only allowed enough time in my life for one webcomic. And you’ve taken that primetime slot for quite a while now.

  5. Tom


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