What the critics are saying: “I heard that the Great Wall of China and Folly and Innovation were the only two man made objects visible from space. I can’t for the life of me find that wall.” Astronaut William Frakes (while aboard the ISS)

Don’t you talk to me about grammar

Bonus points if you can identify the source of the title without googling. I see you googlers. I know your tricks.

Also, if you like this comic (or really, any other one on this site at all) feel free to share it with any of¬†the¬†conveniently located buttons below. I call it the “Sharability Zone.” It’s named after its illustrious Austrian noble/inventor Sir Wilcox Jessup Sharability Zone.

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  1. TheY2AProblem

    Gelato isn’t vegan?

  2. Tom

    Chicken isn’t vegan?

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