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3 Things you never see in a Sci-fi  show/movie/book

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  1. Tyrune

    Based on the title, I thought you were going to say “toilets”

  2. Lotus

    The Federation, in Star Trek, is a utopian society living amongst non-utopian societies, and while there are individuals who make mistakes, the Federation itself is always shown as being the good guys with no hidden agenda or dark secret. Also in Star Trek, the Vulcans helped out humans when they discovered the Warp Drive, thus being an advanced alien civilization who helped humans out with no ulterior motive, and even when on to forge the Federation with them, which humans ended up dominating. Finally, there is a ridiculous amount of male-female inter-species interaction in Star Trek that doesn’t result in anything bizarre.

    So, no, you’re wrong.

  3. Stargate Fan

    #2 Is wrong, the Asgard from SG1. They are reluctant to help at first because of there prior experience with interfering with the technological advances of less advanced races but they certainly do help in the end.

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