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So you want to rent a movie?

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  1. Mike Harris

    You’re missing a “yes” arrow out of “Really?”.

  2. Jono

    @Mike: Wrong; interestingly enough though, you’re missing the “oblivious” arrow out of “That’s the joke.”

  3. Drew

    This was good. :-D

  4. Lombax

    Should have iTunes Store listed, as it offers rental.

  5. lolumad?


    It was a joke because the movies that netflix does offer on Instant watch suck.

  6. X

    Derp. Icefilms.info = streaming films / tv.

  7. X Sucks

    derp x is an asshole

  8. Shockeye

    The no way out of Really? made me lol.But Netflix is slowly getting better,

  9. anon

    @mike – you are dumb and fail at life
    @jono – hilarious

  10. wiz0floyd

    There are actually quite a few of IMDB’s top 250 available on Netflix.

  11. Tom

    @wiz0floyd Good call.

  12. immalosermakefunofme

    Netflix offers plenty of good instant films. You just can’t be a hollywood whore who only watches new, big name films. There are plenty of good instants. And then there’s the extensive amount of tv they have. And the chart never said the film that “you” wanna rent is new or big name, so the joke kinda dies once pen hit paper.

  13. fajas colombianas

    I too use netflix to watch movies that wont be that good when watching in movie houses.

  14. Black People

    Wow, you guys are dumb.

  15. ng2cru

    My god this comments section is a whole lot of missing the point

  16. layzie the kid

    Downloading is theft. what does theft do? it ups the prices cause a “fall” in the economy. Please do not steal. if you really want to see it buy it from the store, (that’s why they made Walmart you asses) or wait till it becomes a $5 movie in the $5 movie bin… (those are also located at Walmart!) STOP STEALING YOU LOOT WHORES!

  17. Kevin

    Man, I have never seen so many people getting all antsy in the pantsy over a comic. Also, @layzie.. dude.. the producers of movies make most their money at box office, hence why they are STILL MAKING MOVIES. Also, if I already paid to see it at theaters, why would I want to pay to see it again? pluck that feather dude.

  18. Anon

    LOOOOOOL! why pay for movies when the internet is such a beautiful endless source of them? sure if its new or you really wanna watch it go to the theaters but come onnn!

  19. Mala

    @mike Excellent trolling, Mike.

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