What the critics are saying: “I hike across the wastes of Siberia to America and all I get is this!?!?!” – Simo Jykras

- Noun – of or relating to owning in scrabble

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  1. Alex

    Does every movie want the voice of Morgan Freeman as the narrator? :) )

  2. BD


  3. Tom

    Double yes.

  4. Jay

    It’s actually not possible to make a triple triple from the board configuration from first panel. Just sayin’

  5. Tom

    DAG! I actually noticed that after I finished the strip and hoped against hope that no one would notice. Well done sir…very observant.

  6. ~X~

    I thought “Quartzy” was actually the highest possible scoring word: I got it once.

  7. Artemis

    For added pedantry and thread necromancy…

    None of the words on the board are long enough to be hamster either ;)

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