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Even after so many years, I still don’t have a definitive idea of what that song is about

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  1. Dan

    It seems to me the song is about kalise’s talent for making frosty milk based beverages. In addition she seems to be offering a tutorial on the process for a nominal fee. As a side note she mentions that while the product is popular it is in fact more appreciated by the male demographic.

  2. Tom

    What seems most confusing to me is that she says we should be making a milkshake, but also that we are to, and I quote, “warm it up.” I don’t know about you but I prefer my milkshakes cold. I find myself doubting Kelis’ milkshake making ability.

  3. madaco


  4. Tom

    Haha, madaco. I was wondering if anyone would solve it. Well done.

  5. chris

    it’s about sex, dude.

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