What the critics are saying: “I laughed so hard milk came out of several of my face holes” – P. D. Crenshaw

I’ve been sitting on a concept for a new comic for a while now. I’ve been creating a lot of early art and test pieces and I’m finally starting to actually make the comic itself. I really haven’t figured out the distribution method or anything yet. I’m just trying to master the technique of making the comic. That may sound a bit silly, as I do already know how to put a comic together on a regular basis as I did with F&I for several years. However, this comic will feature much higher quality illustrations and so would take much longer using the same methods I used for F&I. So, I’ve been experimenting. The above image is some concept art I’ve made in relation to the new comic.

I’m not 100% certain, but I’m hopeful I’ll have a new comic to reveal sometime this year. We shall see.

Still working on some concept art. I drew these two ballers and wanted to colorize ‘em.

I’m working on some concept art for a new project. I liked one of the sketches enough to go the full monty and color it up. Let the magic envelope you like a warm wintertime fireplace at a ski lodge after a long day’s snowboarding.

One of my pastimes as a youth was to be a vocal and outspoken proponent of the sport of baseball. I played it quite a bit and even went so far as to call myself a “baseball player”. I left that life behind when I crossed the podium at my high school graduation and I now count myself among those who have retired from the sport and all of it’s glitzy trappings.  I do still have the ability to watch and follow those with more skill as they pursue the dream of professional sportsmanship. And in the realm of bullpens, butcher boys, balks, and breaking balls, my favorite team is the Yankees.

A strident choice to be sure, but not one chosen on a whim. As a decedent of some true blue New Yorkers, my say in the matter of fandom was decided long before I could weigh and assess the merits each club’s attributes.

As a lover of the Bronx Bombers, I decided to create some minimalist Yankees themed cellphone wallpapers. You can check them out below and feel free to download them for your own personal enjoyment.

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One thing that the city of Berlin (Germany) and I have in common is that at one time in our lives we have each been referred to as poor and sexy.

Okay, well, maybe I’ve just been called one of those things. Honestly, I’ve pretty much always been swimming in the Benjamin Franklins.

I’ve had the great fortune of spending some time in that city of bright lights and and even brighter futures. Rather than tell you all about the city’s delicious currywurst, clean public transit, and abundant museums, I’d like you to see the city through the filter of 16-bit videogames. Click the image below at your leisure.

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