What the critics are saying: “At first, I absolutely hated [Folly and Innovation]. I’m not sure if there’s like a second or third phase because I’m still not a fan.” – Frodo Stravinsky

I’ve been playing quite a bit of the latest title in the Counter Strike line of PC first person shooters entitled Global Offensive. As the name and genre imply, the game revolves around calling down destruction upon your enemies through the use of strategy, economics, guile, skill, and ultimately, virtual guns. CS:GO has been called the “thinking man’s FPS”, and insomuch as that is slightly a contradiction in terms, I tend to agree. Regardless, my two loves of making art and bagging headshots have run together like cosplaying Mario brothers at a Nintendo themed half marathon. See the results of the merger below.

And because I dream of one day peaking over someone’s shoulder on the subway only to see some of my art gracing the background of their homescreen, I have cropped this beauty down into a cellphone sized wall paper. Feel free to consume this art like hearty lembas during your life’s journey.

I’ve also created tumblr blog for my work. You can find that alluring sweetness here:¬†http://thomassexton.tumblr.com/

No, I’m not planning on spending a season in that wonderful country across the ocean (yet). What I have done is create a digital image, using solely my wits and every pixel that a modern computing system has to offer. You can check out that hotness by clicking below the words you’re reading now on the most sumptuous morsel of Japanese landscape art since the backgrounds of Samurai Champloo.

I designed this to be a phone background, so feel free to introduce your phone to the Japanese countryside as seen through pixel art.

This one was inspired by watching Big Hero 6 and one of the maps on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Big Hero 6 takes place in a fictional, futuristic blending of San Francisco and Tokyo which I found to be just the coolest. Wanting to draw something in a similar theme reminded me of one of the views visible on the map de-Season. Check out the view:

You can tell how much I love the scenery because I have my knife out, rather than my M4A4. The knife helps me to scoop away the tears I shed while beholding the beauty. Plus, as a bonus, you faster with a knife. Everyone runs faster with a knife.



This is a bit different than my usual fare of comic style portraits. I’ve been a fan of wannella’s pixel work for a while (waneella.tumblr.com/) and I decided to give it a shot making some pixel art landscapes. This is my first foray. I wanted to make a phone background that would live up to the wanella one’s I’ve shamelessly been using. Ahh well, you know what they say: shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

See more of my art over at Deviant Art.

Everyone has to grow up eventually, but we all get to choose what “growing up” actually means. To me it means drawing pictures and showing them to internet friends. To the lass in this illustration it means fantastic choices in both her attire and haircut.

Sup ya’ll,

October has finally arrived like like an uninvited guest to a summer’s dinner party. And with I comes cooler weather, pumpkin patches, the color orange, and lot’s of hay themed decorations. Halloween is also a thing once again this year.

In the interest of spookiness, I drew this tall glass of water. She’s based heavily on my own heartthrob of a wife.

See more of my art over at Deviant Art.

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