What the critics are saying: “As I’ve always said, with great Folly comes great Innovation.” – Uncle Ben

Everyone has to grow up eventually, but we all get to choose what “growing up” actually means. To me it means drawing pictures and showing them to internet friends. To the lass in this illustration it means fantastic choices in both her attire and haircut.

Sup ya’ll,

October has finally arrived like like an uninvited guest to a summer’s dinner party. And with I comes cooler weather, pumpkin patches, the color orange, and lot’s of hay themed decorations. Halloween is also a thing once again this year.

In the interest of spookiness, I drew this tall glass of water. She’s based heavily on my own heartthrob of a wife.

See more of my art over at Deviant Art.

Back during Steam’s summer sale I saw a game that I considered purchasing called Payday: The Heist. Long story short, it’s about robbing banks. I didn’t end up pulling the tigger on the purchase (Heyo!), but the visuals of the game stuck with me. And after playing Mario Cart with some friends I thought it would be cool to make the two franchises have an art baby.

Yoshi was supposed to be here one minute ago!
Yoshi was supposed to be here one minute ago!

See more of my art over at Deviant Art.

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I have been positively awash in all forms of post-apocalyptic media. I just finished watching the latest season of Walking Dead, I read the first volume of the Walking Dead comic, and I watched the one season of Attack on Titan that they have on Netflix. Like I said, awash.

Anyway, I was inspired to make a contribution to the world of post-apocalyptic media.

The future looks bright…then again maybe that’s just a nice radioactive glow.

Also, you can check my art out on deviant art, if you so desire.

I have made some cool times new art. Here it is, fresh off the presses.

Thomas And Martha Jefferson. They're so hot right now.

This is Thomas Jefferson and his main squeeze Martha Wayles circa 1769. This is way before they became revolutionaries, and even before TJ invented freedom for America. He is of course widely regarded as the most boss of the founding fathers and Martha is held to be the chillest of the 19th century First Ladies.


For more of my one-off artwork, click here.

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